Weitenfeld Landaluce Gallery opened its temporary NFT container at Pop Kudamm on November 5, 2022  with the exhibition DGTL : IRL.

In the first of three exhibition rounds with numerous special events, works by Martí Guixé (Barcelona) and Oliver Vogt (Berlin) were shown. The artists were present.

Martí Guixé installed objects from his long-term project L’Ex-Designer Bar, a bar in Barcelona built entirely in micro-production from 3D printed components. Oliver Vogt presented his new 3D NFT collection ConstantVariable 2nd Generation and his ongoing project Common Wallet.

Both projects operate in the transition zone between 3D digital NFT and physical objects, testing the emergence and production conditions of new phygital object realities. With the data linked to the NFT, the owners can realise their expression in different materials or use them as digital sculptures in the metaverse, expanding the scope of digital art through additional applications.

Vogt probes the bridge between the digital and physical object. His conceptual work “Common Wallet” is a DAO, a decentralised autonomous organisation that, via a smart contract, uses the blockchain as a platform for interactions. Guixé shows artefacts he designed and produced for a 21st-century bar. In Weitenfeld Landaluce’s pop-up container, artistic practices that manifest the digital in the world of objects can be experienced in real life (IRL).

Together with its artists, Weitenfeld Landaluce gallery makes it a point to use the ecologically and socially responsible open-source platform Cardano in blockchain technology and NFT production.