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Public Wallet

Berlin, November 2022

By Oliver Vogt, presented in the Weitenfeld Landaluce Gallery exhibition at Kudamm 229. Launch on 10th of november 2022.

Mixed Media, 66 x 66 x 1 cm stainless steel, brass with engraved codewords, a growing number of fluctuating NFTs with the seed code of the public wallet, a crypto wallet in the Cardano blockchain and a growing exchange history dataset.

The public wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet on the Cardano blockchain that any person can recover on a smart phone or computer by entering the passwords published on the work.

This creates the opposite of a secure wallet, namely a wallet that anyone can access, give and take whatever is available.

For the work, Oliver Vogt made a stainless steel plate that is remotely reminiscent of bank safe deposit boxes. The code words are embedded in the Public Wallet and are visible.

Equipped with these words, any interested player can participate in the exchange, provided he or she has an app that allows the creation of a wallet in the Cardano Blockchain (e.g. Eternl, Yoroi or Nami).

As a start of the exchange chains that will become part of the history of the blockchain, Oliver Vogt has created a series of visual works that start this exchange as so-called non-fungible tokens. They also release the words. In this way, the Public Wallet becomes a global and completely unregulated free exchange platform.

If you participate in the project, please follow the motto of the artwork: give something and take something.

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