by Muu Blanco

Available this Hurricane Season – exclusively on our website

“Hurricanes” is a series of 25 drawings of the abstract interpretation of the wind’s movement: specifically the spirals of hot and cold air that rise at full speed on the coast of Florida, where once a year, throughout the summer, people live the anguish when incredibly powerful hurricanes hit land and residents must flee quickly taking only with them the bare minimums and knowingly the risk of losing all their belongings including their homes, just to save their lives.

The technique of this research is digital with a pixel brush. The artist currently lives in the city of Miami. FL. USA therefore; this series covers the period from 2014 to 2021 and is a recurring one that he has carried out between August and November for the last 7 years.


Drop date and price to be announced soon
Original project of 12 Images, each in an edition of 10
Only 5 of each will be available on the first drop
15% of proceeds will be donated to Charity

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Muu Blanco

Muu Blanco’s work is a compilation of fragments of the collective memory assembled with visual and sound interpretations using collage drawings, painting, assembly digital photography, installation videos, mapping and sound. These means are  used as part of a work that tries to be consistent yet not complacent with aesthetic paradigms frequently using appropriations that enrich its discourse. 

Blanco is a “producer of ideas”. Ideas that he hopes will be a challenge for the spectator of these times. The proposals are mostly interactive and invite participation. He is usually developing several projects at once such as exhibitions and/or presenting performances.

His presence in private and institutional collections since 1995 include holding individual and collective exhibitions in New York, Berlin, Barcelona, Caracas, Bogotá Miami, Rio de Janeiro and Montreal. This constant activity shows the consistency of his work reviewed in different international publications at a global level.


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Weitenfeld Landaluce is donating 15% of proceeds to Chamos, in Aid of the Children of Venezuela, a registered UK charity that supports Venezuelan children through health, education and community development programmes in partnership with local NGOs.