Free Beer Font 2

Yvan Martinez & Joshua Trees

20th Anniversary limited edition



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Free Beer Font 2
Celebrating 20 years since they guest-designed the 59th issue of legendary Emigre magazine, Yvan Martinez and Joshua Trees (formerly Fake I.D.) are launching ‘Free Beer’, a limited edition series of pixel portraits of beer bottles created for Emigre 59: Economy of Means in 2001.
The series includes the 18 beers (No. 1–18) originally published in Emigre,
plus 7 unpublished beers (No. 19–25) that didn’t make the final edit.

Free Beer was conceived as an experiment in information theory and brand recognition 

in dialogue with Chris Riley’s critical essay

‘Sustainable Consumerism’.

Emigre (1984–2005) was a journal for experimental graphic design, founded by Rudy VanderLans and Zuzana Licko. Emigre is part of the permanent collections of the Denver Art Museum, Design Museum in London, Letterform Archive in San Francisco, Museum für Gestaltung (Museum of Design, Zurich), MoMA in New York, and SFMOMA in San Francisco.


Asset Description:
Pixel art
128 x 128 pixels
PNG, 72 ppi
Transparent background


– First Drop (100) – SOLD OUT

– Second Drop (100) – Price on request

Terms of Use:

1. Use your Free Beer bottle artwork for your own personal, non-commercial use

2. Use your Free Beer bottle artwork when you’re on a marketplace that allows the purchase and sale of your Free Beer bottle artwork, so long as the marketplace cryptographically verifies that you are the owner

3. Use your Free Beer bottle artwork when you’re on a third party website or app that allows the inclusion, involvement, or participation of your Free Beer bottle artwork, so long as the website/app cryptographically verifies that you are the owner, and the Free Beer bottle artwork doesn’t stay on the website/app after you’ve left

4. You are not allowed to:

• Modify your Free Beer bottle artwork

• Use your Free Beer bottle artwork to market or sell third-party products

• Use your Free Beer bottle artwork in connection with images of hatred, violence, or other inappropriate behaviour

• Try to trademark your Free Beer bottle artwork, or otherwise acquire intellectual property rights for it


We do not endorse any particular beer brand or country, Free Beer is an artistic project and bears no connection to any private company or state institution.

Yvan Martinez & Joshua Trees

Yvan Martinez and Joshua Trees are artists and researchers based in London. Their work explores publishing as a practice of social inquiry, cultural intervention and public engagement.

Currently they are researching typography and artificial intelligence at the Royal College of Art, funded by Google’s AMI Research Awards and ArtCenter’s Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography.


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