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Foto: Inga Knölke

Ex-Designer Project Bar
Consolidation du Fantôme
A project by Martí Guixé in collaboration with Pau Badia will be opening on the 22nd May 2024 at DHUB, Barcelona 

Weitenfeld Landaluce invites design lovers and collectors to participate in an ongoing process of exploration aimed to deconstruct and tense the limits of the discipline in the search for new meanings, channels of circulation and formats. These “tiles” (conceived and drawn originally in his atelier to be 3D-printed in PLA) and installed in their original location at Carrer Entença 3 in Barcelona, are now being converted into NFTs as selected parts of his project which, soon after its completion in 2020 had to close and be dismantled due to the pandemic. That did not mean the end of the project: De-materialization is a new phase of his aim “to build a new perception of Design based on technology, innovation and fiction”.


We are proud to announce the acquisition of Martí Guixe’s artwork 9R-7 Brown Sandstone from the 3D printed Relief Nr. 1 by the Kunstgewerbemuseum in Berlin. Produced in collaboration with WL Gallery Editions and PPP, The acquired piece is part of the Ex-Designer Bar NFT series, and notably becomes the first NFT acquired by the Kunstgewerbemuseum of Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

We look forward to it’s integration into this institution’s extensive collection. This series is part of the broader Ex-Designer Bar Project initiated in 2015 in Barcelona, seamlessly blending digital and analog elements. It contributes to the ongoing project, previously showcased in various forms in Barcelona, Rome, and Berlin.


Martí Guixé (1964) is a Spanish designer living in Barcelona and Berlin. He studied interior design at Elisava in Barcelona and industrial design at the Scuola Politecnica di Design di Milano.  In 2001, he established the term “ex-designer” to position himself against the limited possibilities of the traditional designer. He has worked in the commercial sector for brands such as Camper, Alessi, Danese, Desigual, Damm, Drill, Droog Design, Magis, Nani Marquina and Vitra. His designs, installations and performances have been shown in the MOMA, the Center Georges Pompidou, the Design Museum in London, the Center d’Art Contemporain in Geneva, the National Art Center in Tokyo and Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin, among other museums.

For enquiries about Martí Guixé’s NFT artworks please contact the Gallery at

Copyright © by Martí Guixé.

All rights reserved |

Fotos: Inga Knölke and WL Gallery

Text: Guillermo Barrios

NFT Concept: WL Gallery

Programming: Vincent van den Eijkel