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Ram51 generates virtual visual spaces. He is an archi-texter. Architecturally, he testifies to the possible impossibility of architecture itself. He follows a trail that indicates that all information originates from the environment and not from the biological source we like to call a cell or point of view. Therefore, his 3D visualizations are based solely on formulas and computer-aided object modelling. Their results form landscapes and dreamscapes. Via this visual gateways and their mapping it becomes possible to penetrate constructions of reality (prejudices), decipher and encode the structures which lie beneath and break through to an imaginary universe of the yet unseen. Ram51 creates sieves through which new perceptions can take shape.


Ram51 lives and works as an artist in residency in Berlin. As a researcher he develops 3D-VR exploration tools and his own new ethnic musical instrument software. His visual art is as much an expression of formula based spatial image processing as it is an exploration of transcultural art history and philosophy. It is fed by his interest in serial music as well as classical Hindustani music and Persian radīf, which he also practices himself.


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